Traditional retail marketing vs digital retail marketing 

Retail store marketing has developed tremendously over the past 20 years. The typical difference between traditional and modern store marketing is the medium through which content is delivered to the consumers. Selecting the right method will boost your sales Smart Glass Thailand. Let’s see hoe traditional marketing is different from digital store marketing. Digital retail store marketing uses digital technology like digital signage. Digital signage is a modern technology that displayed the information of the product in the form of creative images or videos. 

Law Firm Marketing Strategies: Traditional vs Digital

These images are displayed on LED or LCD screens. Digital technology is more advanced and eye catching than conventional technology. Another benefit if digital technology is that customers retain the content for prolonged time than that if billboards Chiefway Smart Glass. This way retailers are advertising their product as well as their brand. Retail store marketing is very crucial in retail industry as it brings the customer to the store. Traditional marketing includes posters, pamphlets, paper ad or billboards. Though billboards are still an influential marketing technique but customers prefer digital signage more. Digital signage has improved the importance of touch screen solution.

 Development of internet has changed the styles of marketing to great extents. Using digital technology has become an easy thing for people. Customers are used to smart phones and touch screen. Digital kiosks are gained a lot of popularity and demand in retail industry. Many retailers are equipping their stores with digital kiosks for the most obvious reason- convenience. With improved standards of living customers want convenience first. This can be achieved with the help of digital kiosks. Retailers can equip digital kiosks with touch screen solutions than keyboard or mouse.

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

 This gives a sense of freedom to customers to choose from wide range of product. Many retailers have claimed boost in net sales after installation of digital kiosks. Customers doubt like being disturbed by sales associates in a store. They prefer self service systems more than human interaction. Digital kiosks can be set up near billing counters to assist the customers in billing. While digital signage can be installed near point of sales to lure the customer in buying the product. Say, a customer has stepped in a retail outlet to buy a box of cereal. He is not aware what type of cereal. Digital signage will show different types of cereal and other breakfast related eateries. This way customer will think of buying other breakfast products also. The aim is not only to sell the product but pledge loyalty to the brand. 

Digital kiosks are more interactive and easier to understand. Digital signage can be used to simplify the use if the product. A happy customer will always recommend the brand to other people and will come back again. Digital signage is entertaining to watch while shopping especially if kids are around. If a business is new, then they should go for traditional ways if marketing to save the cost. Established brands prefer digital signage technology.