Drink Tea Instead Of Coffee At Work

In the office, there are many more coffee consumers than tea consumers . Still, drinking organic tea at work has many benefits. Taking a coffee break would also be less beneficial.

At Work, Take A Tea Break, Rather Than A Coffee Break

According to a study by Lyovel , a company specializing in vending, the tea or coffee break is an inevitable moment of relaxation and discussion for 77% of employees . It is not about wasted time, because it helps to strengthen team spirit, friendliness and well-being .

What to drink during your breaks with colleagues? Although a large number of employees drink coffee, it would be better to opt for tea. A cup of coffee contains more caffeinethan a cup of tea. The energizing effect of coffee is felt quickly after drinking it but only lasts an hour. That of tea is felt more gradually but can last up to 8 hours and avoids addiction to caffeine. The tea is also more digestible.

What Are The Benefits Of Tea?

Here are various reasons why drinking tea at work is useful. Tea :

    • develops vigilance and concentration over the long term.
    • has a positive effect on tissues linked to the retina (according to a 2010 study), which helps prevent red eyes after spending hours working in front of the screen.
    • helps fight effectively against fatigue.
    • is a good stress reliever.
    • reduces the risk of cognitive impairment by 60%, according to a Canadian study .
    • strengthens the immune system (and therefore prevents sick leave)
    • decreases joint pain
    • helps to stay motivated throughout the day